fbpx How Do I Buy A Home During Covid-19

How To Buy A Home During Covid-19 Quarantine

It’s no surprise that home sellers, and everyone else for that matter, are concerned with the spread of Covid:19. The Center for Disease Control, Government at all levels, and even the local Realtor associations have come out with new protocols seemingly every day. The Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors and District of Columbia Association of Realtors have both released statements, which mirror the state and local government, respectfully.

But what does this mean if you HAVE to buy? The Spring housing market in the Washington- Metro area is typically in full-swing by April. In January of 2020 the Spring market was already beginning to show signs of a busy season.

Hypothetically speaking you could have very easily planned Spring 2020 to buy your new home. People are always moving into the Washington, D.C.-Metro area, whether for work, school, or to simply participate in the wonderful city-living that Washington, D.C. has to offer.

In Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, real estate agents have begun to lean into technology like never before. Matterport, which is a camera technology that allows the buyer to view a 3-D tour of your home from the comfort of their living room, is beginning to be used much more frequently.

Additionally, your local real estate agent is shifting to virtual home tours and virtual open houses. Capitalizing on the free and close to free social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom, a real estate agent can show potential buyers a home from the comfort of the buyers home. Real estate agents are well-equipped to work with buyers during Covid-19.

While Real Estate agents are considered “Essential” employees, they are limited in how they can interact with their clientele…and for good measure.

Here’s the funny thing, aside from the safety measures that take place when a buyer meets with their agent, and keeping safe distance away from the appraiser and inspector while going through the house, the process itself is relatively the same.

Home buyers will still need to acquire a loan, preferably using a local lender. When they do that, all documents will be signed and submitted electronically as they are now. They buyer will still choose a title company, something you don’t do in person.

In conclusion, if you have to buy a home during the Covid-19 pandemic, do it. Stay safe, maintain a safe distance, and go get the home of your dreams.